Because you Appear to Really Care About Growing Your Child Care Business I would like to offer you one last Very Special Opportunity

The Only Conference Event in Our Industry 100% Focused on the Business Side of Child Care…Unlike Anything Else You’ll Ever Experience. I Guarantee It.

Join Me and 400+ Other Child Care Leaders at the Child Care Success Summit in Las Vegas. Register by June 30, 2014 for 2-for-1 Pricing and the Best Deal.

ATTENTION Success-Oriented Owners & Directors…

Crested Butte, Colorado

From the desk of Kris Murray, America’s Leading Expert in Child Care Business

Dear Friend,

There’s a special place where early childhood business leaders come together, in a unique closed-door conference event designed to help you get a QUANTUM LEAP into the next level of success for your business, whatever that looks like for you. Whatever your challenges and dreams, the best first step I can suggest (because I’ve witnessed the transformation so many times) is the Child Care Success Summit.

And from now through May 31, you can get a special 2-for-1 price on registration for this life-changing event.

Announcing…The Child Care Success Summit 2014


Las Vegas – Luxor Hotel and Casino
October 27-28-29

I invite you to join me and 400+ child care business leaders for the groundbreaking Child Care Success Summit 2014, where we’ll spend three extraordinary, life-changing days together in Las Vegas, Nevada at the stunning Luxor Hotel and Casino (located on the Vegas Strip). We’ll start on Monday, October 27 and we end mid-day on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. This enables you to spend the prior weekend in Vegas as a mini-vacation, if you like, to enjoy all the shows, gambling, and sights.

During this conference, you will experience numerous business and personal breakthroughs and “A-HA moments” that will likely be a catalyst for a new level of success in your child care program…and your life!

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“100 New Enrollments Since the Summit!”
Thanks to what we learned from Kris, we have gained 100 new enrollments since the Success Summit in October! If you take action on what she teaches, you can do it too!


How This Conference Will Benefit You

Whether you’re a seasoned owner with multiple locations or you’re new to the business and in “start-up” mode, everything you need to be successful in this unique and caring field will be provided at the Child Care Success Summit. Here are the 5 big benefits you’ll get when you register and attend:

  • BIG BENEFIT #1: Three Days of High-Value Content Designed to Take Your Child Care Program to the NEXT LEVEL. My best all-new content is designed to give you fast LEAPS to new levels of success in your business
  • BIG BENEFIT #2: My “Big Breakthrough” Take-Home Manual and Binder: A huge resource guide of all the content, handouts, exercises, templates, and marketing examples from other programs that you can model
  • BIG BENEFIT #3: Live Business Makeovers: One-on-One sessions in the front of the room where I’ll personally “make over” your program and help you quickly identify and BUST through obstacles! Everyone will get a chance to apply for a Business Makeover with me while you’re there.
  • BIG BENEFIT #4: Panel of Experts and a Live Closed-Door “Mastermind” Experience with Everyone in the Room
  • BIG BENEFIT #5: Breakout Workshop Sessions. Break-out Session Workshops specifically designed for training topics unique to what Owners and Directors really need most now.
  • BIG BENEFIT #6: Networking with some of the Most Successful Child Care Leaders on the Planet.

I always say, the fastest path to get where you want to be is to model others who are already THERE…and network with them, even get mentoring from them. This is the place to be – in fact, it’s the event of the year – for rubbing shoulders with some of this country’s most highly successful owners and leaders who run multiple locations (and run them well and profitably)

What You’ll Learn – 100% Brand New Content, Never Taught at a Previous Success Summit

Between now and October, we’ll be working hard to bring you not only BRAND NEW content based on the latest trends and strategies that you need most, but also the most powerful learning topics that will help you make that “quantum leap” in your early childhood business, AND live your best life imaginable – without putting you into OVERWHELM. Here’s the “plug and play”, step-by-step topics we’ll be teaching you…

  • the latest “what’s working” ideas for marketing your program and building enrollment
  • management best practices including delivery of “absolute excellent service”
  • staff engagement and motivation
  • financial management
  • the latest in child care management software improvements and developments
  • social media marketing
  • and much more.

Specifically, I am doing a session on copy-writing and how to do better marketing “messaging” for brochures, websites, social media content, etc. This will be an interactive workshop-style session to help leaders learn how to write more compelling copy on their marketing pieces and online.

OK, Kris… What’s The Investment to Attend?

It’s common to add between 20 and 50 children to your enrollment based on what you’ll learn from this event. For most programs, that equates to new annual revenues of $20,000 to $50,000 per year. Based on those results and those of countless others, what do you think a ticket to The Child Care Success Summit conference is worth? $10,000? $25,000? $40,000? Well, don’t worry – I want this conference to be well within reach of everyone who wants to attend. BUT…keep in mind that there’s a FINITE amount of seats in the room, and we want those seats to be filled with as many serious, entrepreneurial-focused, business-minded child care leaders as we can hold. So we’ve set the bar higher than most child care conferences…but well below the $5,000 or $10,000 that this information is surely worth to your program in terms of new revenue. And of course, it’s not just about the revenue – it’s about the way you’ll FEEL after this event. Rejuvenated, motivated, happier, and less stressed because you have a plan for success.

2-for-1 Pricing Ends June 30th, 2014

Regular Price $1297

Now Just $747 – You Save $550

Plus Bring a Guest for FREE



Plus…Get 2 Special BONUS Gifts Valued at $944

Bonus #1: Bring a Guest for FREE ($647 value, yours free)Bonus #2: UPDATED 2013 Million-Dollar Resource Rolodex for Child Care Leaders ($297 Value). My personal rolodex of success-oriented vendors and suppliers, who will help you get things done faster. Most are specifically focused on the early childhood industry.


100% “Plus $200” RISK FREE GUARANTEE

If you are not 100% ON-FIRE and Totally Jazzed, if you are even the slightest bit underwhelmed, if for any reason you decide you aren’t completely satisfied, – simply let someone on my staff know by the end of Day One of the event and I’ll refund 100% of your money, PLUS $200.00 for your time! No questions asked! (In all 3 years I’ve done this event, NOT ONE PERSON has ever asked for their money back, by the way. I doubt you’ll be the first, but you are still protected by this guarantee.)

What if I Sign Up Now and Then Can’t Make It?

You can cancel up until August 15th and get a full refund. Register now to get the massive Early-Bird Savings (this price will go up after May 31st) and if you change your mind or a conflict comes up in your schedule, just let us know on or before August 15th, 2014 and get a full 100% refund. No questions asked.

Here’s What to Do Now…

If you are serious about taking it to the next level in your child care business, getting fully enrolled, maximizing your profits, getting more freedom in your life, and living the best life you can possibly imagine, then choose the Investment Option below that fits your budget best, and click the “Add to Cart” button to SECURE YOUR SEAT NOW.



OR…grab the phone now and call Camille at 970-349-8905 (between 11 AM – 6 PM EST) and she’ll get you registered!


Remember, Einstein said the “definition of insanity” is doing the same thing over and over and expecting DIFFERENT results! If you’ re ready to “stop the insanity” and start getting different results in your early childhood or preschool business, this conference event is for you. Make sure you register by Wednesday May 31st at Midnight EST or you’ll miss out on this low price AND the bonuses! See you in October at the Luxor!

Blessings for your success,





P.S. I’ve purposely designed this event for the successful, busy child care owner or director who has limited time but understands the value of investing in their business development skills and marketing knowledge. You can fly to Las Vegas, take in every golden nugget of our workshop and be back home…all within 72 hours. (Or stay a little longer and have some fun…it’s up to you). 😉

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“45 New Enrollments in 5 Months – And I Opened My 2nd Location!”
I have attended the last 2 Summits, and my business has completely transformed. Not only did I max out the enrollment at my first center, but I purchased another location and had it 80% full in just a couple months, thanks to the marketing and business knowledge I learned from Kris.