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Now, I’d like to give you the recordings of the 2013 Child Care Success Summit valued at $697.00, PLUS 7 Special Reports Guaranteed to Help You Get Fully Enrolled with a Wait List, Grow Your Business, and Be a More Productive Leader

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Kris Murray

Kris Murray

The 2013 Child Care Success Summit was one of my most popular and value-packed conferences ever. Over 300 people joined me in Atlanta, GA some even paying up to $997.00 to attend this 3-day live event in October 2013.  We recorded the event and offered the recordings for a very short period of time for $697.00. They have not been available to anyone since right after the event.  Until NOW.

During the 2013 Child Care Success Summit I taught owners and directors:

  • 10 Sure-fire Ways to Build Trust with local families
  • How to stop competing only on price
  • How to build a successful team of teachers, including innovative ideas for hiring and retention
  • My “Four Pillars of Marketing” and how they are guaranteed to grow your enrollment
  • How to conduct phone calls and tours that ROCK…and can double or triple your conversion from inquiry to enrollment
  • Our Online Marketing roadmap for child care / preschool businesses
  • And MUCH More…

I’d like to give you the entire set of event recordings for FREE.

I would also like to give you access to our vault of SEVEN special reports. These reports are not available anymore but if we were to sell them again we could easily charge $27 each (for a total value of $189.00, yours free).

Each of these special reports in waiting for you inside our online vault ready for you to download.


Why Am I Giving Away All this Value-Packed Information, for FREE?group-photo

Quite honestly, I want you to become a member of my Insiders Circle of child care professionals, focused on success and results.  There are over 200 owners and directors in our group, from around the world.  We are constantly sharing great ideas, and I’m 100% on the forefront of trends in our industry.

It’s my job to bring my Insiders Circle members the LATEST and GREATEST of success tips, marketing ideas, staffing best practices, and industry trends.  I also bring you fellow experts in our industry that I think are at the top of their game.


Here are the 7 reports you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to:

Report #1:  7 Easy Steps to Set Up – or Improve – Your Child Care Pages on Facebook

This report is all about How to Use Facebook and other Social Media sites the right way to grow enrollment and engage your current parents.

Facebook-Cover-200 Discover:

  • The differences between your personal page and a business page and which one you should use and why
  • How to correctly set up a page for your child care, or update the page you already have.
  • Little known admin settings that allow you to ensure no unseemly comments are posted on your Facebook page.
  • Why it is critical you post at least once a day.
  • Simple secrets to how to do all you social media in under 15 minutes a day and…
  • How you can schedule most of your posts in advance so you don’t get busy and forget to post for a day.

Report #2:  How to Ensure Your Child Care Business is on the MAP

Google Maps is one of the first places new parents start their search for a child care. If you are not found on the first page and near the top you could easily be missed.

On-the-map In this report you will learn:

  • Why Google Maps and Google+ can make or break your school
  • The most common error people make with their address that kills their chance of being #1
  • The proper way to complete your Google+ business page
  • Why you MUST upload pictures and videos, but why they don’t need to be of your kids
  • Why reviews by parents matter

Report #3: Search Engine Optimization for Child Care Programs

How to simply optimize your website so it shows up at the top of search results.

Search-Engine-Optimization Find Out:

  • What words need to be on your home page, to optimize search results. (Surprisingly very few people get this right, yet it’s very simple to fix.)
  • What are title tags, descriptions and keywords, why they matter and why you should care. Even if you don’t do your own website, knowing what needs to go in these spaces is important for you to understand so you can delegate the proper tasks to your web person.
  • What ONE THING you can put on your website, that almost nobody else has, that can help you grow enrollments and stay full!

Report #4: Simple and Successful List-Building for Your Child Care

3 Simple steps to successful list building for your child care program

list-building To Help You:

  • Discover why having a list is critical in today’s market
  • Learn why your “house list” could be one of the most valuable assets when it comes time to sell your business
  • Simple secrets to growing your list and what is an IFO
  • How to manage your list and avoid running afoul of SPAM laws
  • How to build a relationship with your list, even if they are not yet enrolled

Report #5: Adwords for Child Care Businesses

How to use Google AdWords (pay-per-click) to reach parents, get your phone to ring, and fill any early education program, child care, daycare, preschool or kindergarten.

Adwords-for-child-care With this report you will:

  • Understand how Google’s AdWords pay-per-click program works
  • Discover Why AdWords and other Pay-per-click programs are great for marketing
  • Learn the secret to marketing to your ideal customers, regardless of where they live or where you show up on the map
  • Discover the secret on how to target enrollments only for those programs you need, and not for rooms that are already full
  • Quit wasting money and know that every dollar you spend on marketing is making you more than a dollar

Report #6: How to Get Reviews and Testimonials from Parents

Getting-reviews-from-parents Get Excited to:

  • Quit hoping for good reviews and learn the secrets to getting powerful reviews every time
  • Learn why you must get good reviews before you need them
  • The best way to deal with negative reviews
  • Discover the power of video testimonials, how to ask for them and the tools you need to succeed.


Report #7: How to Win on Yelp

win-yelp-cover Understand:

  • Why you must start paying attention to
  • How the Yelp filter works and how you can use it to your advantage
  • 6 secrets to getting reviews on Yelp that don’t get filtered
  • How to deal with bad reviews on Yelp
  • Why advertising on Yelp is probably a good use of your money – here’s how to tell


I want to give you this ENTIRE collection of seven Special Reports today PLUS the recordings of the Child Care Success Summit 2013 just for taking a “test drive” of  Kris Murray’s Insiders Circle Membership.

newsletter As a member of my Insiders Circle, each month you will receive:

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  • The CD and transcript of each call, mailed to your mailbox.
  • Membership in our private Facebook group, where leaders share ideas and tips for success daily.  Got a staffing issue?  Get instant help in our private Facebook forum!
  • Actual marketing pieces, ads, flyers and brochures you can use or model
  • Insiders’ only online membership portal including archives of all the calls
  • Full YEAR of back issues worth over $588.00.
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“Kris Gave Me Hope & Helped Us Grow – I Strongly Recommend the Insiders Circle to Anyone Struggling with their Child Care Business”

DarleneBartlett-300x289“Back in March of 2011 I joined your Insiders Circle. As I received newsletters and CD’s you gave me hope when I felt hopeless. I was inspired and started implementing small things.

If anyone is struggling with your business I strongly recommend that you become a member of the Insiders Circle. Within a few short months our enrollment grew from about 50 to 70 a day.  You have helped us to market our program differently and in turn our program is growing.  Thank you for caring Kris.  We really appreciate you and your team! ”

~Darlene Bartlett
Childrens’ Kastle Christian Learning Center, Lancaster, NY

“You WILL save time & an un-measurable amount of money!”

“Kris is the ONLY child care marketing expert and professional I’ve been kelley_ebert2 able to find that is worth investing in. She has oodles of experience and knowledge that helped get me up and on my feet within weeks! The information and kinds of programs Kris offers is at a fraction of the price most other marketers sell in other fields; however those marketers offer only a fraction of the information and time Kris does. Kris takes the time, knows her clients by name, and is personally invested in each and every one of her students. You WILL save time & an un-measurable amount of money in your child care business with all the knowledge, tips, and expert know-how in Kris’s programs.  I know because I have now been an Insiders Circle member for almost FOUR years!”

~Kelley Ebert, Owner
Family Traditions Child Care
Bexley, OH

“Kris helped us Alison_Small-200x300turn our center’s enrollment around completely. When she started working with us, we were really hurting for enrollments. It’s been 11 months, and we are now VERY close to capacity, and actually taking a waiting list for our Kindergarten program! Kris Murray truly cares about early childhood and has a passion for helping others. Not only that, she knows what works – we are living proof of that! We cannot thank you enough, Kris!”
Alison Pfeister,Owner, TLC Child Development Center Hudson, OH